026: How to Best Cultivate Intimacy in a Motivated to Marry Relationship Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad is a Best Selling Author, Emmy-Nominated Producer, Screenwriter and Entrepreneur.  Adam leads a community of over 80,000 men and women on their quest to create love and a bold, inspired life. Having served as a Stanford Humanities Center Graduate Research Fellow and host of National Lampoon Radio, Adam blends a bracing mix of research, humor and global wisdom traditions to help men and women break through the habits blocking their ability to open into love and freedom.

Adam Gilad is an internationally known leader in inspirational dating and communication. His books on online dating, Deep Online Attraction for Men, and The Right Man Online for Women teach searchers for love how to bring out their deepest hearts and intentions in language that the other gender can actually hear and feel. Adam brings an extraordinary mix of skill sets to helping you craft your success in love, having served as a Graduate Humanities Fellow at Stanford University, an Emmy Nominated Executive Producer and screenwriter of several movies, and as a leader of workshops such as “The Boldness Code” and “The Enlightened Communications Intensive” which are held all over the world.  AdamGilad.com


  1. What Adam’s definition of intimacy between a man and a woman?
  2. What are the positive triggers men look for in a woman?
  3. What are the negative triggers that attract needy men but turn off competent guys?
  4. Adam’s opinion of what’s WRONG with “the Rules”? How does that ruin intimacy?
  5. How to create wins and develop a culture of wins in a relationship. And, why that is that important.
  6. What is the masculine-feminine spectrum and how do we better understand this?
  7. How do you start the couple-bubble machine? What does this do for a relationship?

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