018 How to Communicate with the Opposite Sex to Get What You Need – Helena Summer

Helena Summermotivated to marryHelena Summer is a founder of “Liv Delicious” – a lifestyle movement. At age 15, she became a missionary nun, taking on a vow of celibacy, simplicity and poverty.  Her first romantic experience was an arranged marriage, to a former priest. She was married (and divorced) before she even had a first date. Ever since then, she embarked on a fascinating journey, passionately studying with worlds best love experts and following advice from her Grandmother. Helena went on dates with more than 500 men, to learn how they think and how to respect them for who they are.

Today, married to her “Sexy Lexi”, she is passionately spreading the message of love wherever she goes.  Helena shares her knowledge and insights with her clients who want more fun and passion in their lives.


  1. What did you learn from dating 500 men?
  2. What was your Grandmother’s advice?
  3. How did you become Motivated to Marry?
  4. What do you need to know with regards to communicating with the opposite sex?
  5. What do you recommend we do NOT do to turn off men?
  6. What is your best practice in order to feel heard in a relationship?

Free Gift

“I love Men Method” is a 5 part video series that opens the door to love. It covers effective signaling and connection, what turns men off, how to ask for what you want/need and be heard.
It even includes a mini quiz – to help you discover your sexual nature – Yin or Yang.

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