010: 5 Tips to Turn On your Most Juicy Self for Attracting your Marriage Mate – Stacey Murphy

Stacey-MurphyAttracting your Marriage Mate

Stacey Murphy is the Queen of Feminine Charm & Juicy Love and an International Best Selling Author. She’s the founder of Blissful Lotus School of Loving Arts and the Queen B Charm School.

Stacey helps women to embrace their womanly charms and attract juicy love by teaching women to reclaim their sensual joy, seductive essence and self-confidence which finally allows them to leave toxic love patterns behind so they can feel empowered, desirable and happy with who they are in their love and sex life! She developed the “Rockin’ Seduction Goddess” Signature System where women learn how to love themselves, how to attract their ideal relationship and master their erotic skills to BLOW his mind.

For couples, using Tantric philosophy of seduction and intimacy, Stacey teaches Lovers how to effectively seduce each other in the “4 Pillars of Love” – mental, emotional, physical and sexual, so they aren’t disappointed or frustrated in their relationship allowing them to rekindle sexual intimacy, to feel connected and confident in their ability to satisfy each other! Stacey Specializes In: Feminine Charm & Seduction, Erotic Education, Intimacy & Sex Coaching, Polyamory and Open Relationship Coaching


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