007 How to Flirt without Looking Ditzy Liz Rave

liz-rave-motivated-to-marry-podcastHow to Flirt without Looking Ditzy
While most of the Art of Flirting students are single and looking to find their perfect match, Liz also encourages couples to learn how to flirt with each other to keep the fire going in the relationship. Flirting is something that anyone can learn to do, regardless of age, size, weight, shape, or past dating experience.

Liz started off as a dating coach 6 years ago working for Sean Stephenson at Inner Game Magazine, where she wrote the “Getting Inside a Woman” newsletter and coached men on how to be more attractive. Now, Liz writes The Art of Flirting Blog (http://www.artofflirting.com), and coaches both men and women in the art of flirting and forming healthy, emotionally mature, fulfilling romantic relationships.

Liz is a certified trainer of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and certified in hypnotherapy, MER (Mental Emotional Release) techniques, and some types of energy work. She has also extensively studied masculine and feminine dynamics. Liz lives in Irvine, California, with her husband and her 5-yr-old stepson. In addition to being an expert on flirting, Liz has a passion for cooking, chess, and dancing.


  1. Why are some women afraid to flirt?
  2. How can a woman keep away unwanted attention without scaring off the good guys?
  3. How can a woman convey interest without coming across as desperate?
  4. How can a woman initiate a conversation without coming across as too forward?
  5. What if, when you do like a guy, you go “ga-ga” and start becoming emotionally attached, how can you handle that?

Blog: http://www.artofflirting.com/

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