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How Resilient Are You In Your Quest to Find Your Mate?

I have been coaching for about 9 years now and what I notice is some people are really good at picking themselves up and getting back out there and others seem to get stuck in the “what went wrong” or “the would have, could haves” of their past relationship. Your ability to quickly move forward and get yourself dating again when you are looking to find a mate signifies how resilient you are. And you have the conviction that you will succeed and find the right person this time! Continue Reading

What is on your Gratitude List for 2012?

It’s a good exercise that I ask my clients to take stock on what they are grateful for during the past year. The positive psychology gurus say that those people who focus on what they have, instead of what they don’t have, are the happiest people. Here is my gratitude list.Continue Reading

Relationship Question: Do you consider a past relationship a failure or a lesson learned?

As the song goes, “Breaking up is hard to do!” And for many of us we loved some aspect of being in a romantic relationship with someone. Perhaps it was having someone who seems to care about us, or someone to make plans with for the weekend, to travel with or with whom to haveContinue Reading

Are you Training for Winning at Love?

The Olympics is going on this week and its great fun to see such accomplished, dedicated men and women who have sacrificed much in their life to prepare for this moment to compete and possibly win a medal for being at the top of their game. In the same light, what have you done toContinue Reading

What is inspiration for you? An interview with the Baby Boomer’s Project

Recently I was interviewed by the Get Inspired Boomer’s Project (  I feel that this would be of interests to my readers to read about what is inspiration for me- and how it could translates to my clients.  I hope it inspires you to keep working towards your dreams… Listen here: Reading