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Are you always a Bridesmaid? If so, how can you meet an eligible man by attending a wedding?

Wedding season is upon us.  Alan and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary last weekend and we had a night away to ourselves at a local resort.  When we arrived at the hotel, there was a wedding being set up.  It was Saturday, July 20th and when the elevator opened up- there was the bridal party with the bride!  What a sweet reminder of our wedding that day.  It was a hot, steamy July day in DC just as ours was eleven years ago.

You may find yourself bombarded with wedding and baby (the royal baby!) news and advertising all around you.  You may be invited to several weddings this summer.  And it is a very natural thing to think to yourself, “What about me? When will I meet an eligible man for dating and it will be my time?”  When those thoughts creep in, you have a couple choices in this situation …

First when the wedding (or baby shower) invitation arrives, you can RSVP,  “Regretfully I cannot attend”.  Depending on how good a friend you are, this could be the end of the friendship.  If it is a very close friend, you may even be asked to be a bridesmaid!  Thereby you will be compelled to participate fully in the wedding activities.

The second choice you can decide to go and not be happy about it.  This makes me think back to my wedding.  I had a mix of recently married friends and single friends.  Yes, I had a singles table.   I had one single girlfriend who looked miserable the whole time.  She just sat at the table and I could tell she was upset.  That doesn’t help anyone.  I kind of wished she had never come to my wedding.  (I still remember it eleven years later)

The last choice is to decide that it was a party and a celebration of life. To go and decide to have a good time, to party with your friends, enjoy the food, music and camaraderie.  Who knows, you may meet an eligible man for dating.  You can ask your friend if there will be any male friends or relatives for you to meet.  As it turns out, one of my girlfriends met my sister in law’s husband’s single brother.  The ended up going on a date or two.  At a wedding there could be plenty of opportunities to meet quality single people.

It all goes back to your attitude about life.  Looking at life as an adventure, and making the most of the opportunities available to you will serve you better that being upset about your current situation and dragging others down with you.  Besides, most people will not stick around you if you are bitching and moaning all the time.

Actually, that single girlfriend who met and dating briefly my relative is now in a committed long term relationship.  It took her ten years to find her boyfriend and she never gave up believing there was someone out there for her.  I admire her perseverance.

What wedding stories do you know about where you have met an eligible man for dating?  How do you feel about attending your friend’s or cousin’s wedding?  This curious coach would like to know!

Intentionally yours,

Coach Amy

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