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Are you always a Bridesmaid? If so, how can you meet an eligible man by attending a wedding?

Wedding season is upon us.  Alan and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary last weekend and we had a night away to ourselves at a local resort.  When we arrived at the hotel, there was a wedding being set up.  It was Saturday, July 20th and when the elevator opened up- there was the bridal partyContinue Reading

A Valentine’s Day Dilemma Dating Advice: Help! I am dating several guys at once. Who do I choose?

If you are single and dating several people at once, Valentine’s Day can be fraught with fear of making the wrong move and losing a great opportunity to connect with the right mate.Continue Reading

Dating advice for finding quality people to date

My dating advice to you is to ask yourself this question, “Where have I been going to meet people and has it been the right place to meet quality people to date?”  It’s a good time to evaluate where you are going to meet people for dating.  Are you being intentional or haphazard? Haphazard datingContinue Reading

Coach Amy’s Advice for Dating: How to Make the Most of 2011

The Holidays are upon us, which means that the New Year is just around the corner. Preparing for a new year can be an exciting time for us all as we plan on a new and better self. My advice for dating in 2011 is to go about dating with an open-minded perspective. Continue Reading

Spending the Holidays with Your Family as a Single Person

For many the Holiday Season means more time spent with our families.  This can be especially hard for singles – especially those who are recently divorced or separated, who have younger siblings who are married with children or who have judgmental family members.  However, my relationship advice for singles in these situations is to planContinue Reading