When looking for a serious relationship, to hang out or not to hang out, that is the question!

An interesting question came from a client this week. She was at a 30’s and 40’s singles happy hour event put on by a local social group. She met a cute guy and had an engaging conversation with him. He asked her for her number and said he would like to “hang out”. She had to think about it.

Being a Motivated to Marry gal in her 40’s, she told him she was looking for a serious relationship and “no thank you”. On the one hand, I applauded her directness and stead fast sense of purpose. She is dating for the purpose of meeting a marriage partner. So shouldn’t he have asked her for a date if he was truly motivated to marry himself? Read more ›

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027 How to Clean Out Your Love Junk so you can be open to meeting Your Spouse – Sarika Jain

Sarika Jain is a Love & Relationship Coach for smart, successful women who want it all: career, family and personal fulfillment.  She uses a highly personalized, holistic approach, and partners with women to break through their painful relationship patterns and learn cutting-edge relationship skills to become magnetic to healthy, joyful love.

Sarika is passionate about the role of self-love, healing and reconnecting with our feminine selves, in order to create intimate, lasting relationships. One of her strengths is to help women heal their hearts and close their ‘Ex Files’, so they can truly be ready for ‘the one’.

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026: How to Best Cultivate Intimacy in a Motivated to Marry Relationship Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad is a Best Selling Author, Emmy-Nominated Producer, Screenwriter and Entrepreneur.  Adam leads a community of over 80,000 men and women on their quest to create love and a bold, inspired life. Having served as a Stanford Humanities Center Graduate Research Fellow and host of National Lampoon Radio, Adam blends a bracing mix of research, humor and global wisdom traditions to help men and women break through the habits blocking their ability to open into love and freedom.

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A Heart Felt Valentine’s Message and Self Love Gift for you!

I want to tell you how much I appreciate you being a part of the Motivated to Marry Community and want to give you a big virtual hug this Valentines’ Day.

Although it’s just another day of the year, I know this may be a difficult time for you if you are not currently dating someone and you wish to be part of a couple at this time of your life.

I just want to say, don’t give up on your dream of having a loving relationship. Read more ›

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How to hit the Reset Button, Move Forward (& Get Over your Past Relationship!)

Do you feel stuck by your past relationships and the hurt they caused you?

Do your past relationships color your thoughts by having you believe that there are no good men or women available to date?

This is very common in people who have been dating a while with little or no success, had a recent break up of a relationship you hoped would turn into something more serious or have gone through a divorce.

How do you stay hopeful and continue to put energy into seeking your new and improved true love partner? Read more ›

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