I’m turning 40, a husband or a baby, do I have to choose?

Turning 40 for a single woman wanting both a husband and a family can be a very difficult place to be. Today there are several choices that are available to you, especially if you have dreamed of being a mother and having a child of your own to love.

Perhaps you feel that you can’t wait for Mr. Wonderful to show up. What if he doesn’t?

And yet, while you are exploring your options you are dating and trying to meet a life partner. I know your dilemma. I too was 40 and single myself. Read more ›

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031 The Importance of Transparency when you’re Motivated to Marry Dr Heike and Jonathan

Have you been feeling like you need to hold back and not fully reveal who you are? When dating to marry would you like to be able to express yourself authentically without the fear of being judged or rejected? Have you been afraid to put your real self out there?  If so, come listen to this interview with Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson to learn how to be authentic and transparent in relationships that lead to the closeness and intimacy you desire.

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030 What’s Holding you Back from being Motivated to Marry? Bex Burton

Do you want to attract Big Love yet find yourself believing you really don’t deserve it? Do you have trouble trusting that you will find the love you want? What popular myths are you believing and telling yourself that may be what is holding you back? Come listen to this interview with Bex Burton to learn what is holding you back and how to move forward into finding the Big Love you deserve.

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How to Have a Fun Memorial Day Weekend and Meet New People to Date!

The Memorial Day weekend is soon here and we will be kicking off the summer.

This can cause much anxiety from my clients about what they will be doing during their holiday weekend.  With no love interest in sight, for some, the weekend can be a source of much apprehension.

So how can you get out of your home, do some fun activities and widen up your social circle so you can meet new people to date?

There are probably many fun things you can do this Memorial Day weekend to meet new people and expand upon your normal social circle.  This is true for all age groups.

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029 How to Bounce Back from a Breakup when you are Motivated to Marry! Samanth Burns

Have you just broken up with someone you were dating seriously? Do you tend to dwell on past relationships, thinking of what could have been and what went wrong?  Do you want to learn how to move on so not to waste your precious time with the could haves?  If so, come listen to this interview with Samantha Burns to learn how to bounce back quickly from a break up and find your true love partner.

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