Motivated to Marry Podcast

With your hostess Amy Schoen Launch date to be announced March 2015 Click the box below to Sign up and get on Amy’s mailing list. Be the first to listen in. Coming guest interviews: Ronnie Ryan | Lisa Copeland | Betty Rowell | Laurie Davis Fawn Kraut | Liz Rave | Rosalind Sedacca | Dr. Jackie…Continue Reading

Online Dating tips: Endless Emailing and Texting — What’s a Marriage Minded Gal to do?

So, you are dating online and you wonder, “Am I making any progress with all of my correspondence, or am I just wasting my time?” Let me give you some practical dating tips. You start connecting with a supposedly decent guy based on his initial interest in you and his profile. He contacts you first,…Continue Reading

Have you created your 2015 dating plan yet to find your Marriage Minded Mate?

Have you gone through another year only to discover that you still haven’t found your marriage minded mate? You wonder, “Where are all of the people who are ready for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage?” And another question you may be asking yourself is, “Am I truly ready to get involved in…Continue Reading

Getting Engaged- do you know the what to do when you hit a snag in your dating relationship?

I see this with every client. They meet someone who is relationship oriented as they are. There is a true connection and a desire to move towards a more serious arrangement like getting engaged or establish a committed monogamous relationship. Then there is a snag. This can happen within one month of dating, 6 months,…Continue Reading

Do you BELIEVE you can find the true love of a marriage minded person?

It is always disheartening to coach with someone that has a hard time believing that they are ever going to meet that right marriage minded person. In a conversation with a 40 year old female client, she revealed, “Who would want me? I am opinionated and accomplished- and most men feel threatened by me, not to mention that I am over 40!”Continue Reading

When to stop pursuing a desired love interest as a wife and move on to find a serious relationship that can lead to marriage and a family when you are over 50

I have been interested in a woman that I know from work that is much younger than me and I have been trying to pursue her. I am a 55 year old divorced man (no children) who at this time would really like a serious relationship leading to get married a family.Continue Reading