033 How To Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin to Attract your Motivated to Marry Mate

In this episode we will be exploring what it mean to be “comfortable in your skin” and how this impacts your dating for a committed life partner.  How does the trial and error, as well as, taking risks fit into creating a Motivated to Marry dating plan?  And what do you do when you are stuck in the fear of moving forward with your love life? Come learn how to make this important shift that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex!

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Do you know the top signs of a relationship focused person?

By now you may have noticed that as you are dating, not every single person is truly seeking a serious, committed relationship.  Just know that some people have more capacity to be in relationship than others.

And, if you are dating with a desire to have a long term committed relationship, how can you recognize someone as being motivated to having a committed relationship that would lead to marriage?

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032 How to Up-level Your Inner Game to Be Motivated to Marry

What is meant by the “inner game of dating”? Are you single and wondering how to have that deeper meaningful partnership yet something is holding you back? Are you confident that you are clear about what you want so that you can magnetize a special partner or do you have doubts? What steps do you need to take to “get there”?

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I’m turning 40, a husband or a baby, do I have to choose?

Turning 40 for a single woman wanting both a husband and a family can be a very difficult place to be. Today there are several choices that are available to you, especially if you have dreamed of being a mother and having a child of your own to love.

Perhaps you feel that you can’t wait for Mr. Wonderful to show up. What if he doesn’t?

And yet, while you are exploring your options you are dating and trying to meet a life partner. I know your dilemma. I too was 40 and single myself. Read more ›

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031 The Importance of Transparency when you’re Motivated to Marry Dr Heike and Jonathan

Have you been feeling like you need to hold back and not fully reveal who you are? When dating to marry would you like to be able to express yourself authentically without the fear of being judged or rejected? Have you been afraid to put your real self out there?  If so, come listen to this interview with Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson to learn how to be authentic and transparent in relationships that lead to the closeness and intimacy you desire.

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