What are the dating rules now? Who pays on a date?

As a dating and relationship coach, the question about who pays on a date usually comes up often- especially with two professionals who are both earning a decent salary or income. The rule is the person who asks is the one who pays on a date. This hasn’t changed in modern times. If a coupleContinue Reading

7 Ways that Falling in Love Too Quickly Can Adversely Impact Your Chance for Forever Love

Are you guilty of falling in love too quickly? And if so, what is the impact with someone you have started to date?

There are some people who really desire to be in relationship. I see this with both my men and women clients. They love to fall in love!Continue Reading

Dating with Pets in the Picture!

I love cats and have had cats for most of my life. One in particular, Tabitha, an orange tabby, helped me when I was dating. This cat and I were very tight! She got me through my divorce and was a source of great joy and comfort in my life. I was not going toContinue Reading

5 Ways to Win Gold in the Olympics of Dating

February 2014 has a very special event – the World Winter Sport Olympics. Seeing all these fine athletes give it their best after years of practice and perfecting their sport, gives us mere mortals inspiration that we too can succeed if we put our mind and focus to the goals we aspire to. For thoseContinue Reading

How to be Romantic: Your Simple Romance Primer

February 14th is Valentine’s Day in the US. If you are fortunate to have a special mate or partner in your life then, this is the time of year, men and women are called to open up their romance valve. For many, this has not been truly activated due to a full and active lifeContinue Reading

Handling Life When It Gets Crazy

When life gets crazy, what do you do? If you are like most of us, you focus on what you ‘have to do” and the “really would like to do” list gets pushed aside.  I was planning on writing an ezine for January and it just didn’t get done.  Instead, I spent time with myContinue Reading

5 Ways to Improve your Online Dating for Better Success This Time Around!

At this time of year, many of my coaching conversations with my clients are about preparing to get back online for the online dating blitz in January. After New Years the online dating site’s traffic is shown to jump 25%. So will you be ready to take advantage of this opportunity? The reports are showingContinue Reading

Relationship Advice for Surviving the Holidays as a Single Person

In my recent Meetup group get together we discussed how to have a happy and fulfilling holiday season despite the challenges that face singles. I appreciated their candid responses and insights. I also shared my feelings and gave my relationship advice about when I was single at this time of year. Continue Reading

Do You See Your Dating Blind Spots?

One of my clients that I have been working with for about 9 months is a very motivated, beautiful and accomplished woman in her mid-thirties. She is also a seeker of knowledge. She told me in our last session that she has been working through another dating coaches’ online program and considered becoming part ofContinue Reading

17 Fool Proof Ways to Find True Love!

Are you serious about finding lasting love? Do you say you can’t meet anyone you want to date in the first place?  Perhaps you need some help to think of creative ways that will get you to look outside the box of what is normal for you so you can find true love. And howContinue Reading