What would it be like if Dating was this Easy?

Try to imagine this scenario:

You found someone online that peaks your interest and you have been emailing each other back and forth for a couple of days. Both of you seem to be in the same stage in life, and have similar interests. You find that you value the same things in life and have many of the same goals.

Of course, this time you are a bit hesitant. It looks too good to be true. That’s okay.  So you finally talk on the phone and it’s like you have known each other for a long time. You even like the sound of each other’s voices  Now you are getting even more excited to meet this person. And you set up a date to meet. However, you tell yourself, “Let’s see” to keep yourself grounded.
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In this New Year, what’s possible for you as a marriage minded single?

Happy New Year! Exciting isn’t it? New Possibilities. New Opportunities.

What do you want to make happen for you in 2017?

In a recent webinar, I asked my community of marriage minded single singles to close their eyes and image what they want to see happen in the New Year? Read more ›

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5 Positive New Years Eve Strategies for Singles!

For those not in a relationship, one of the hardest nights of the year is New Years Eve. Such anticipation! Dressing up, festivities, champagne, and the countdown. And no one to kiss at the strike of midnight!

However New Years Eve doesn’t have to be a total downer! Here are 5 New Years Eve strategies for singles to make the most of this potentially agonizing night.
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025 How to Avoid Dating Games as a Motivated to Marry Dater! Ronnie Ryan



Do find yourself in relationship where you feel people are playing with your emotions and not treating  you right?  Do you feel that the people are your dating are playing games with you?  Come listen to this provocative topic about how to avoid getting caught up in the dating games people play with Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan and myself.    Get a little more smarter so you can weed out these time wasting people and focus on those who are ready for a serious relationship.

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Are the Holidays Bah Humbug [ :( ] or Happy [ :) ] for you?

sad-lady-at-the-barIt’s a known fact, how you approach life will impact your experiences and how people experience you. The holidays present new opportunities to meet new people, especially friends of your close friends. It is possible that you can meet your soulmate during the holidays, as well. We are naturally drawn to positive, fun and affirming people.

How do you you think people view you?

Are you warm, approachable, happy, cheerful and positive most of the time?

Or are you a worrier, negative, sad, angry and critical?

We all have stresses in our lives even though we may not show it.

And other times, we wear our hearts on our sleeves, showing our true selves. Read more ›

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